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'Creativity is Intelligence having fun' Albert Einstein

"Creativity is Intelligence having fun."


-Albert Einstein

So many leaders hinder original thinking by not giving their teams the room they need to be truly creative. Managers often kill creative and ground-breaking concepts because they refuse to consider challenging and apparently impossible ideas.


In difficult times, when external pressures are felt, instead of using our creativity to solve problems and find another way, society has taught us to keep our heads down and work harder. The problem with this perception however, is that when our heads are down and we are banging them against the same brick wall, our vision becomes blurry and it's difficult to spot any potential new risks or opportunities coming through.  Apple are a great example of how creativity and innovation, not only gets you out of trouble but puts you way ahead of the rest. 


Click Here for some fun exercises that you can try with your team now to help the creative flow within your workplace! Go on, you know you want to! 

Make a splash and mix things up with creativity!

Here at Innov8 Scotland, we can perform a creative marketing audit, ensuring that the promises you make to your customers are aligned to the core values of your company and that this is then reflected in the over-all customer experience. Contact us now and; to find out more!

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