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How Will You Move Your Business Forward?

Being a great leader of strategic innovation is finding the best people and keeping them aligned towards achieving the one vision. It's about creating an environment that encourages your employees to be creative and forward feeling. Simple and clear business models that harness and support your people, will give you the most exceptional results, where your focus comes from core values of the consumer and the company.

A good leader will have a clear and focussed vision of where they are now and where they would like to be in the future. It's the difference between a winning business and a failing business. Clear business models enables you as a leader, to communicate your beliefs and vision through-out the entire company. Any confusion or uncertainty can easily lead to outcomes becoming off-centre.   

Steve Jobs, the greatest Leader of Innovation saved Apple from Bankruptcy not through cost cutting but by Innovationg them out of trouble...

Our creative ninjas can help you to implement strategic planning and innovation models within your business, quickly and relatively pain free. We can identify un-tapped resources within your business and close any skill gaps you may have, through the use of our wide range of outsourced creative solutions. You can find more information about Innov8 Scotland's creative ninja's in the 'About' and 'Testimonials'sections or you can email us now at; to chat. 

In a Globally competitive landscape there's never been a more challenging time for a company to achieve growth. Long-term planning is extremely difficult to forecast, with turbulence and uncertainty becoming the norm.


Technology, materials and distribution channels are continually changing which is making it increasingly difficult for businesses following traditional strategic models to survive. Creative models require a shift in a company's business strategy in order to create new value for both the customer and the company. In today's digital world consumers have much more knowledge and power over our businesses than ever before - they now demand added value. Implementing a creative strategy will keep you open and flexible to change, giving you a competitive advantage over clumsier business models, in a dynamic market place. 


Strategic Innovation demands a simple and clear model within an organisation, to pave the way for creativity, big picture thinking and collaboration.


Traditional business models based on past trends can often be clumsy with employees resisting change. This can make operating in a unpredictable market place an extremely stressful and lengthy process, sometimes leading to a company's demise, as Jack Welch explains; "when the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is in sight."  So it makes sense to create trends rather than buck them.

Apple are renowned for continually developing and bringing new products to the market. Steve Jobs could see the importance of developing products that would enrich his customers lives, in his own words; 'Nobody cares about your product they care about themselves.' with this in mind he endeavoured to 'sell dreams, not products.'

Innovation needs passion to fuel it and vision to drive it!

Don't let change influence your business, let your business influence change. 

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